BerQ – Renewable Natural Gas-2

Swine Manure to RNG

BerQ - White Hall, Illinois

IPS has been selected by BerQ RNG to engineer, procure, construct, and commission a new swine manure to renewable natural gas system at Hanor Farms in White Hall, Illinois. Hanor Farms is a community farm consisting of 64 total barns on 8 separate parcels and is the finisher site to 80,000 finishing swine.

Swine manure will be collected via newly installed scraper systems in each of the sixty-four barns to intermediate collection pits. Manure from the intermediate collection pits will be transported via truck to a common reception pit and pumped into a 3 million gallon digester. Biogas created in the digester will be collected, treated through a gas upgrade system, compressed and directly injected into a pipeline running adjacent to the farm property. A covered lagoon and aeration system will installed on the digester effluent lagoon to produce and capture residual gas. Additionally, a natural gas reciprocating engine with waste recovery system to heat the digester will be installed in the system.

IPS is responsible for total system design, procurement of all major technology equipment, and construction of the entire RNG process facilities. The IPS team will be self-performing concrete placement, equipment setting, piping, and electrical scopes of work.