Electrical Capabilities

Process Controls & Instrumentation

Design, configuration, calibration, and installation as well as regular maintenance support including with troubleshooting, repair, testing, and commissioning.

Underground Conduit

Primarily used for safety purposes – nullifying the threat of avoidable accidents such as short-circuits, fire, and electrocution. Additionally, having the wires grouped together makes maintenance easier.

High/Medium/Low Voltage Cabling

Low Voltage: phones, fire suppression/alarms, wi-fi systems, security systems. Medium Voltage: substation equipment. High Voltage: insulated cable used for power distribution. 

Lighting Design & Installation

Interior and exterior lighting for commercial and heavy industrial industries.

Transformer Installation

Installed to transfer electrical energy from one circuit to another circuit or multiple circuits.

Heat Tracing Design & Installation

Used to maintain or raise the temperature of pipes and vessels using heat tracing cables.