North Star – Project Aristotle-6

Project Aristotle

North Star - Delta, Ohio

IPS was awarded multiple packages in support of the $700 million Melt Shop investment that will increase the annual production of steel by 950,000 metric tons (increasing the capacity by 40%).

EAF (Arc Furnace), LMF (Ladel Furnaces) Piping
Our team fabricated and installed all the piping for the cooling water system, fume treatment plant, compressed air, hydraulics, and industrial gases.

Caster #2
Installation of hydraulic and grease systems, cooling water systems, compressed air and other piping systems that provide utility services to the caster equipment. All of the piping for the caster #2 was prefabricated by our shop as well.

Water Treatment Plant
The treatment plant supports the increased cooling water demands of the new Slab Caster #2, Tunnel Furnace, and Shuttle Furnace. This scope includes steel erection, equipment setting of pumps, sand filters, reverse osmosis, cooling water, and power & controls cabling.