New Methanol Production Facility

Interstate Chemical / Alpont Methanol - Oregon, Ohio

Alpont Methanol is a subsidiary of Interstate Chemical, which is a privately held chemical distribution and manufacturing company founded in 1968. The firm offers a full line of chemical products and specialty chemical blends capabilities including resins, plasticizers, catalysts, high silicon electrical steel additives, and heat transfer fluids. As a producer of heat-transfer fluid, Interstate ranks 2nd to Dow nationally. 

For the construction of their new methanol and sodium methylate facility, IPS was the lead contractor for all elements of installation and commissioning. Peaking at over 100 tradesmen, the IPS team self-performed pipefitting, electrical, millwrights, ironwork, boilermakers, and carpentry.

The facility is used to refine natural gas to manufacture methanol, which is sold primarily in the Toledo marketplace.