Plastics To Fuel Plant

Brightmark - Ashley, Indiana

Just east of I-69 in Ashley, Indiana, IPS transformed what was recently your everyday cornfield into the nation’s first refinery that processes discarded plastics into fuels and wax on a commercial scale. 

Since fall 2018, IPS has been partnering with California based company, Brightmark, to engineer, procure, and manage the construction of the $260 million, 40-acre investment including a 120,000 SF facility. Every year the facility will convert 100,000 tons of plastic waste into 18 million gallons of ultra-low sulfur diesel and naphtha blend stocks and nearly 6 million gallons of commercial grade wax. That’s more plastic than the weight of 5,400 tractor trailers. The process will utilize plastics that are otherwise not easily recycled such as plastic film, flexible packing, styrofoam, and children’s toys – waste that would have otherwise reached the end of its life cycle.