Rogers High School HVAC Systems

Toledo Public Schools - Toledo, Ohio

IPS was responsible for the installation of the Mechanical and HVAC systems for the new high school. The following equipment was installed by IPS: (2) 7,000 MBH Boilers, (2) 400-ton Chillers, (13) Indoor Air Handling Units, (4) Computer Room A/C Units, (200) Terminal Units, (6) End Suction Pumps, (15) Inline Circulation Pumps, Unit Heaters and Cabinet Unit Heaters.

The new school is a new building, grades 9-12 that will replace the existing building on the same site. The 225,654 square foot school will have a capacity of 874 and 176 Career Tech students. The old Rogers school was demolished and the area will be converted into parking, an athletic field or other campus use.