Vocational School Mechanical Systems

Penta Career Center - Perrysburg, Ohio

In 2006 construction of the 522,000 SF Penta Career Center began in Northwest Ohio. The new facility replaces the current school – a 1940’s-era United States Army Depot building that was in major disrepair.

IPS completed fabrication and installation of the hydronic piping mains from the maintenance building boiler room to the main building. In addition, IPS installed the HVAC systems including a chilled water distribution system consisting of 30 buried ice storage tanks that hold 840 tons of ice, and 2 above-ground cooling towers designed to minimize energy consumption. Construction of the heating system involved the installation of 12 Fulton 2MBH boilers and (3) 800MBH boilers with a variable flow heating water distribution system.

The Building Automation System (BAS) controls all HVAC aspects of the complex, and is integrated to monitor electrical usage based on peak loading conditions.