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Multiple Projects

Hanson Aggregates - Castalia & Sandusky, Ohio

                        Hanson Aggregates is one of the largest suppliers of crushed stone, sand, and gravel in the United States. Our team has completed multiple projects for Hanson, a few are listed here.

Crusher & Foundation Replacement Project

  • Installation of the stone crusher
  • Replacement of all embedded steel
  • Miscellaneous structural supporting steel

Hopper Cone Replacement Project

  • Installation of a new stone hopper
  • Fabrication of a one-of-a-kind cradle to handle removing the old cone and placing the new one in

Mill House Temporary Support Project

  • Replacement of structural support steel for all the process equipment including conveyors, crushers, and shakers

Surge Hopper Repair Project

  • Repairs to the existing surge hopper, which saved Hanson thousands of dollars in lieu of buying a new hopper completely