Carbon Limestone LGF Facility

EDL (Energy Development LLC) - Oberlin, Ohio

The Lorain County Landfill Power Station uses a system that refines gases from organic materials found in municipal solid waste and converts the gases into a renewable energy source that is then recycled into the power grid. This process not only creates energy but provides a cost return for the landfill.

EDL selected IPS to serve as the General Contractor for the landfill gas treatment project at the Lorain County Landfill. This station generates 10.9 MW of electricity while receiving 4,200 SCFM of landfill gas.

The project goal was to remove siloxane from the LFG in order to then convert the gas into reusable energy more efficiently. Two Dominick Hunter siloxane removal units were installed in the existing LFG pipeline feeding the engines. IPS was responsible for the complete buildout scope to include sitework, concrete foundations, equipment setting, masonry, carpentry, mechanical, piping, electrical and controls work.