Industrial Metal

Hot Briquetted Iron Facility

Cleveland Cliffs, Toledo, OH

Cleveland Cliffs is the dominant player and sole supplier of merchant iron units to integrated blast furnace clients in the Great Lakes Region. In June 2017, Cliffs announced that Toledo, Ohio would be the location of their first hot-briquetted iron (HBI) production plant, a crucial first step in their $1.1 billion strategic investment to become the sole producer of high-quality HBI for the EAF steel market in this region. IPS performed multiple packages including:

  • installation of the underground site process natural gas
  • package 4A: finish work within the furnace tower, firewater pump house, machinery water pump house, and cooling conveyor classifier building
  • package 4B: reformer and heat recovery units, reformed-gas duct bridge, seal gas compressor building, and syn-gas compressor building
  • package 4E: installed process piping and performed equipment setting in the vapor removal building (VRB) and dust collection building    
  • equipment setting and process piping fabrication and installation for the flare gas including top gas fuel and natural gas