Design, fabricate, and install many types of air quality systems from commercial kitchens to industrial ventilation and product moving and handling. In addition to heating and cooling, baghouse assembly and installation for manufacturing facilities is a large portion of our work. As a one stop shop, we have a dedicated workforce that can perform the following services:

Layout & Cutting

Continually developing innovative new methods and keeping up to date with the latest tools/technology to keep us flexible in our manufacturing and layout options. 


Our rolling abilities are aided by our many types and sizes of roll-forming machines. 

Material Handling

From fabrication to installation and service, it often takes a fleet of lifts, trucks, and equipment to keep a project rolling. 

Custom Fittings

Building unique parts and sizes provides our customers with one-of-a-kind needs. 

Galvanized Ductwork

Our galvanized ductwork is equipped with state-of-the-art machinery for fast, efficient, and quality fabricating. 

Machining & Bending

Our large selection of machining and bending equipment is one of our greatest assets, allowing us to handle a wide range of gauges and sheet metal goods. 

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