National Skilled Trades Day

National Skilled Trades Day, celebrated annually on the first Wednesday of May, is a day dedicated to recognizing the essential role that skilled trades workers play in our economy and society. This day is important to raise awareness of the skilled trades and the benefits of pursuing a career in these fields, celebrating the contributions of trade workers, and promoting the importance of training and education in these areas.

In addition to celebrating the contributions of trade workers, #NationalSkilledTradesDay also promotes the importance of training and education in these areas. These jobs require specialized knowledge and skills, and often involve safety hazards and complex systems and equipment. Training and education are essential for ensuring that workers have the skills and knowledge necessary to perform their jobs safely and effectively.

As a union contractor, it is important we inform and encourage the younger generation of why the trades could be a rewarding and successful career path, so we’ve gathered a list of our local union affiliates:

Why the skilled trades?

  1. High Demand: Skilled trades are in high demand across many industries, particularly in fields such as construction, manufacturing, and transportation. As the population grows and infrastructure needs expand, skilled workers are needed to build, maintain and repair buildings, roads, bridges, and other structures.
  2. Career Opportunities: Offer a range of career opportunities, from apprenticeships to supervisory roles. These jobs often offer good wages and benefits, and many workers in skilled trades are able to earn a good living without a college degree.
  3. Contribution to the Economy: Play a critical role in the economy by producing goods and services, creating jobs, and driving economic growth.
  4. Job Security: Many skilled trades jobs are less likely to be outsourced or automated, providing greater job security for workers.
  5. Personal Satisfaction: Often offer the opportunity to work with one’s hands and to see the results of one’s labor. Many workers in skilled trades report a high level of job satisfaction and pride in their work.

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