Ground Breaking – Phoenix Technologies

Phoenix Technologies broke ground on their food grade recycled PET (rPET) expansion in Bowling Green this week. This 66,000 square foot addition will double their resin making capacity and add multiple jobs to the community.

Phoenix Technologies International, LLC, the leading rPET manufacturer, has been developing and cultivating circular economy by its state-of-the-art technology to reuse PET waste bottles into high value added products. 

After this expansion by mid 2023, they expect to double their recycled PET (rPET) resin capacity to 140 million pounds (64,000MT) annually, processing 5 billion bottles a year. The expansion will consist of process technology that is known and tested throughout the industry and will allow Phoenix to support the increasing customer demand immediately at startup.

As North American brands increase their support of sustainable materials, this is a natural next step in their manufacturing evolution and will provide the most comprehensive strategies to their customers in meeting future sustainability targets. With global climate changes, the long term opportunity and challenge for FENC is to be carbon neutral. FENC’s goal is to reduce emissions 20% by 2025, 40% by 2030 and commit to achieving net zero by 2050 by enhancing energy efficiency, developing renewable energy and utilizing CCUS technology.

We’re excited to chosen as the design build partner along with Matrix Technologies Inc!

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